There is only one priesthood - the Priesthood of Christ; there is only one saving sacrifice, that which Jesus offered on the Cross. All of God’s people share in the priesthood through baptism in a spiritual and mystical way representing the Church - the Body of Christ. Ordained Priests share in it uniquely because they represent Christ, the Head of the Church. It is the ordained priestly ministry that makes it possible for the whole Church to exercise its spiritual priesthood because only the priest acting in persona Christi can make the offering of Christ really present among the people of God, who unite with Him in offering themselves.

At the Intercession for Priests - we pray for holiness for ourselves as priests and for Bishops, priests and deacons everywhere.last supper jesus

  • We pray that priests will be full of the love of Christ, that they will be secure in their identity and vocation and alive with the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • We also pray in thanksgiving for the vast army of faithful priests that they may grow in the love of Christ.
  • We pray for priests who are persecuted and imprisoned, who are rejected and poor.
  • We pray that they will be protected from the deception of the evil one and safeguarded from confusion of doctrine and rebellion against authority in the Church




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